A Guide to Various Types of Visa and Work Permits in Australia

Aussie Visa Services / A Guide to Various Types of Visa and Work Permits in Australia

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  • 27 April,2021

You can apply for various types of Australian visas depending upon the situation you are facing. One of the most common ways to get a residence permit, either the temporary or the permanent visa in Australia, is through the profession you have. Your career might make you eligible for Australia’s various work permit visas. There are visas for people participating in various activities, visas for specialized workers, visas for skilled workers, etc.

The business owners and investors who meet the required criteria get qualified for the Australian self-employment visa or which is also called the Business Talent Visa. If you are looking for a visa in Warrnambool or anywhere in Australia, you must consult with an experienced immigration agent who will make the visa approval easy and quick.

If you are a worker looking for an Australian visa, this Commonwealth country provides many visa types for professionals. Some of these visas can lead to temporary or permanent residency. You can also obtain a visa from Australia’s immigration point system. In this blog, you will find some of the Australian visas sections covered in detail.

Work Permits and Employment-Based Visa

Australia provides lots of work permits and employment-based visas for various types of workers moving to Australia for jobs. Some of the types of work visas are-

  1. Employer Nomination Scheme visa allows the skilled workers who the employer nominates to live and permanently work in the nation.
  2. Regional sponsored migration scheme visa allows the skilled workers nominated by the employer in a regional country to permanently live and work in Australia.
  3. Skilled nominated visa- it lets the nominated skilled workers live and work in the country as permanent residents
  4. Temporary skilled shortage visa- it is the temporary visa that enables the employer to sponsor a suitably skilled worker when the Australian visa is not applicable
  5. Skilled Regional visa- it is the temporary visa made for the skilled workers who want to live and work in Australia
  6. Temporary work visa- this visa lets you do short-term and highly specialized work in the nation. The temporary work visa, which is for international relations, is the one that allows working in particular circumstances that improve Australia’s international relations
  7. Distinguished talent visa for the subclass 858- it is the permanent visa for people who are having an internationally identified record to outstand the achievement in various fields of academia, research, sports, arts and profession.

Apart from these visas, Australia also provides a Business Talent visa, which is made for establishing and developing new or existing businesses in Australia. Some of the other types of work visas are skilled workers, highly specialized workers, investors, people who are participating in specific activities, trainees and experienced businessmen.

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