Australian Visa Extension in 2020- Everything You Should Know

Aussie Visa Services / Australian Visa Extension in 2020- Everything You Should Know

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  • 09 September,2020

If you want to extend your Australian Visa, there are lots of options available depending upon what type of visa you obtain and the purpose of extending your stay in the country. Commonly, those who visit Australia on a tourist visa start to enjoy the country so much that they do not want to return. The Australian visitor visa allows you to stay in the country without seeking any job for a specific period. It is also best for business visitors. 

The visitor visa is available for 3, 6, and 12 months. Some visa holders can extend the period of this visa after they reach Australia. You can also apply for a new visa while you are in Australia on the ETA visa. 

However, the visa extension process is not as easy as it seems. You should decide how long you want to stay in Australia, the purpose behind the extension, and the current visa extension rules. However, to successfully apply, proper guidance is required. If you want to make your visa extension process smooth, consult the immigration agent at Terang from Aussie Visa Services, who will guide you throughout the visa extension process. 

Who Is Eligible For Visa Extension?

If you want to extend your current visa, apply for a new visa of a similar type or another visa that suits you. If you have a “no further stay” condition on your current visa, you cannot apply for a new visa while staying in Australia. You have to leave Australia as soon as the existing visa expires and then apply again from your own country for a new visa.. 

The Australian Visa Extension-

You MAYBE allowed a further stay on the 600-visitor visa in Australia if you extend the visa for tourism purposes. You should do it 2 weeks before the current visa ends. 

The Australian Border Force (DOHA) MAY Provide You the New Visa under the Following Circumstances-


  1. If you have a valid Australian ETA visa (subclass 601) and E-visitor visa (subclass 651) or the tourist visa (subclass 600). 
  2. You fulfilled the eligibility criteria
  3. You do not have the “no further stay” notice on the visa
  4. If you want to extend the visa for tourism but not for a work visa
  5. You meet all the requirements of your current visa

While staying in Australia, you can apply for the visa online for an extension.

If the DOHA refuses to give you a new visa while you are in Australia, you must leave the country before the current visa expires, in some cases you will appeal rights.

If you do not get any feedback from the DOHA before the existing visa expires, you will have to ensure you have a Bridging Visa so you can stay in Australia until the DOHA decides.

If you start to apply for a new visa while you are in Australia and then decide to cancel the application before the DOHA gives the decision, you must leave the country within 28 days of cancellation, unless your previous visa is still working, you may need to apply for a BVE before you leave. 

Want to extend your Australia tourist visa? Aussie Visa Services can help you. The agents working in this agency are MARA registered, and they make the process hassle-free.