Having regard to our special position the reliance of our clients and the wider community on our specialist knowledge we hereby commit ourselves to the following ethical principles:

  • I will be accountable to my clients and will carry out their lawful instructions to the best of my ability and skill; however I will not act as a mere mouthpiece for my clients and will ensure my actions are always ethical.
  • I will always show loyalty to my clients and will not betray them by acting against their interests.
  • I will not allow my personal prejudices and feelings to influence my work and will refuse to assist a client if I feel unable to show them complete loyalty and carry out their instructions.
  • I will always act with competence and diligence or not act at all.
  • I will always act honestly and in a way that instils a sense of trust in my clients and all those I deal with. I will always treat my clients fairly and ensure that they are comfortable and confident in their instructions.
  • I will keep confidential all information provided to me by my clients and will always act with discretion in relation to their affairs.
  • I will give my clients the benefit of everything I know that could assist them achieve their objectives.
  • I will take responsibility for all my actions and be accountable to my clients for everything I do.
  • I will always respect the laws of the Commonwealth, States and Territories, and ensure that my clients receive the full benefit of the law.
  • I will be courteous and respectful in dealings with other practitioners, the Authority, DIAC Courts and Tribunals.
  • I will exhibit high personal moral and ethical standards and will take care to ensure my decision making is ethical.