Crucial Steps to Follow When You Are Thinking To Extend Your Australian Tourist Visa

Aussie Visa Services / Crucial Steps to Follow When You Are Thinking To Extend Your Australian Tourist Visa

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  • 04 September,2020

Australia is one of the best countries to visit, and hence, travellers from all around the world visit this nation. Australian Tourist Visa is very much in demand. Every year millions of people travel to Australia as tourists, or for business, to study, or to meet family and friends. Unless you are from New Zealand, you should apply or the visitor visa, also called the ‘Tourist Visa- subclass 600’ before you are travelling to Australia. 


While going to Australia on a tourist visa, people stay a little longer until they realize that their visitor visa has expired and they have to return. Some of the common situations to visit Australia are, grandparents/parents visiting their grandchildren, or spouses coming in to meet each other. 


In all these cases, visa applicants are given the 3-month tourist visa, and often this small duration is not enough to spend quality time with loved ones. Some people go to Australia on the 12-month visitor visa, which needs them to leave the country every 3 months. This process is quite inconvenient and expensive. You maybe are facing one of these situations now. Or else, you might want to go home, but you are not allowed due international travel restrictions with regards to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now, what shall you do?


No matter what the situation, there are various options available for you to extend the visa in Australia so that you can stay with your family during this current pandemic situation. For best consultation and service, you can seek help from experienced MARA registered migration agent from Aussie Visa Services who can help you in the process of visa extension to  apply for Australia visa in Hamilton and other areas. 


Here Are Some Of The Steps To Consider Before You Apply For Visa Extension In Australia-


  1. Decide How Long You Want to Stay in Australia– Many tourists in Australia are on the visa that allows them to stay there for 3 months, and maybe it is the same for you. So, when you are thinking of extending the visa, be sure to decide how long you want to stay here. 
  2. See How Much Time Is Left On Your Current Visitor Visa– once you have decided that you will stay longer in Australia, you have to check how much time is left in the current visa you have. 
  3. Check out the current visa requirements available– due to the worldwide pandemic, the visa application and extension policies have changed, so better seek help from the agent who will guide you regarding the current updates. 

       4. Choose the visa that suits you best– as there are lots of visa extension options available, you must discuss              your needs with the agent so that he can provide the best option for you. 

5. Check whether your current visa has a “no further stay” option or not- if your current visa has a “no further stay” option; you have to leave Australia as soon as the visa expires. However, due to the pandemic, rules have changed. If your visa has such a condition, you can send a letter to The Department of Home Affairs. If the letter gets approved, you can apply for a visa extension. 

6. Gather All Important Documents- while you are applying for visa extension, it is very important to gather and keep all the documents with you as the agent can ask for them. 

7. Apply for the extension visa and have your health check– now, all your documents are ready, and you can apply for the visa online on the Department of Home Affairs website. You should do apply 3-4 weeks before your current visa expires. You will also be given 28-30 days to have a health check-up. 

8.  You may be asked for a Health check, this is NOT always possible in the current situation BUT you must inform the DOHA that you have tried and the reason you could not using a Statuary Declaration for this prepared by a Registered Migration Agent is advised

9. Wait for the new visa to arrive– the process to acquire your new visa usually takes 10-30 days. The Department of Home Affairs MAY grant you the Bridging visa after your application is considered.


These are some of the steps to follow while applying for a hassle-free visa extension. For further understanding, take help from a MARA registered migration agent.