Education Application

Aussie Visa Services / Education Application

  1. Copy of Passport 
  1. Passport Number
  2. Country of Origin
    1. Copy of Current Visa if applicable 
  3. Have you had a visa refused
  4. Copy of Refusal
    1. Copy Previous COE 
  5. Are you changing Course/School
  1. Copy of Qualification and or academic transcript 
  1. What country did you do your qualifications in ?
  2. What schools/Uni did you do your qualifications at ?
    1. Copy of Overseas Health Fund Certificate (OSHC)  [We can assist you with this if you dont already have it]
  3. Number of Certificate
  4. Company issuing Certificate
    1. Copy of IELTS or equivalent Certificate 
  5. Where was Certificate Issued
  6. Date of Certificate
    1. Statement of Purpose (SOP) 
  7. Explain Background
  8. Point form
  9. Last 5 years
  10. Or until last Qualification
  11. Listed from oldest to latest complete with dates
  12. Include future plans
  13. Not more than 2 pages
    1. Copy of Application form for School /Uni if already have
    2. Copy of Any Transcript from current School/Uni