Top 5 Reasons Why Your Australian Tourist Visa Gets Rejected

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  • 25 March,2021

Have you ever wondered why an Australian tourist visa gets rejected? If you are already planning a trip to Australia, no wonder you will want your visa to be approved by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. 

The Australian tourist visa is one of the most popular visas applied by tourists worldwide. There are a number of reasons why a visa in Warrnambool can be refused. If you want your visa to be approved, working with a migration agent can increase your rate of success.

Let us take you through the reasons why a tourist visa gets rejected.

You come from a high-risk county and apply for the wrong visa

The immigration authority will assess your application by the country you are from. If you are from a high-risk country, your visa is more likely to get rejected. High-risk countries are not ETA (Electronic Transfer Authority) eligible.

This is why it is vital to research the types of tourist visa you can apply for. Consult a professionally accredited migration agent to know your options.

Also, if you apply for the wrong visa subclass, the risk of getting rejected remains high.

You did not meet the conditions of the previous visa

The Immigration authority will assess your previous visa application history. You need to meet the conditions, especially if you are planning to revisit the country down the line.

The immigration department will take your previous visa history into consideration while processing your application. If you have not met your previous visa conditions, the chances of getting refused are still there.

Your visa conditions include:

  • No further stay in the country
  • Not permitted to work and study
  • If you have overstayed, you may get banned
  • Any new visa applied by you will be disapproved

If there is any inconsistency in your visa application 

While you may think it is easy to apply for the visa on your own, it only makes sense if you hire a registered migration agent to make sure there is no inconsistency in your application. Your visa will be refused if any discrepancies are found on your application. When you have professional assistance, the chances are high that your application is 100% correct and error-free.

Lack of evidence 

A lack of evidence in your application is the common reason why your visa can get rejected. You ought to meet all the essential visa requirements to obtain a visa. First and foremost, you must meet the financial requirements to support your holiday in Australia. You must be a genuine tourist who will return after the trip is over.

To support your claims, there must be enough evidence. Failing to do that will lead you to get a refused visa.

If you submit false documents

Submitting your application with misleading documents will surely get you an instant refusal. On top of that, it is illegal to submit false documents, and you may get penalized as well.