Your Australian Spouse Visa Is Getting Rejected- Know Why

Aussie Visa Services / Your Australian Spouse Visa Is Getting Rejected- Know Why

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  • 21 July,2020

Are you wondering why your partner’s visa is getting rejected when you are applying? As an experienced immigration agent, I know how much the situation is devastating when you receive the refusal visa application applied for immigration to Australia. This situation becomes worse when your spouse or partner is waiting to be with you, and this refusal is affecting your relationship a lot. So, before you again opt for the Australian immigration visa to Cobden for your partner, you should know the reasons why the visas get rejected often-

  1. Your Relationship Is Not Genuine In The Eyes Of The Authorities

One of the major reasons why your spouse visa is getting cancelled is that your relationship seems not to be genuine in front of the authorities or the immigration agency. For example, you do not have enough pictures to proof your relationship, not having any joint accounts, no records of text messages of phone calls or you have not travelled together to somewhere. You are not able to provide the details of the relationship or details do match up with the requirements. Your relationship should be genuine, and you should have proper evidence for the same.


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  1. Failed To Give Responses Of The Embassy Or Immigration Officer

Another reason might be when you have failed to respond to the requests to the Embassy or the immigration officer to show the additional documentation and information. Or, else when you do not complete the medical examination for further assessment of the partner visa application, your visa gets rejected. This means that you are not providing enough documentation, and the visa is getting rejected most of the time.


  1. You Have Failed During The Interview Process

 If you are not aware of the partner’s birthday or you do not know about how the relationship got established or developed in the initial stages, or even when you do not remember the important dates about your relationship, you do not know each other’s’ siblings or family members, or when you have met, your partner visa can get cancelled during the initial interview process. If you are doing the phone interview while submitting the visa application and you are not able to explain your relationship with the partner or answer to all the questions asked by the immigration agent, your application can get rejected.


  1. Failed To Meet The Health Requirements

 The partner visa gets rejected when the visa did not meet with the health requirements. While applying for the partner visa, you must keep in mind that all your health requirements get fulfilled. If you do not do the health examination or you do not meet the requirements, this can be one of the reasons your visa getting cancelled.

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The Partner Visa Application is going to change in the near future, the changes where approved in Australian parliament in Dec 2018, but have yet to make it to the Partner Visa Process.

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